Replica Breguet Cameo engraving UK Watches Reviews

A Replica Breguet timepiece will always be rare. Indeed the exclusiveness of every Breguet Replica watch has been memorialized by individual numbering dating back to the opening of the founder’s workshop on the Quai de l’Horloge in Paris in 1775. But there is an added dimension of singularity which accompanies every women’s Reine de Naples Cammea and Secret de la Reine. Both women’s timepieces feature and incorporate Italian hand carved sea shell cameos, in the case of the Cammea, for the dial and, in the case of the Secret, the case cover in the shape of a rose. For every watch, these natural cameo adornments are unique, each subtly asserting its individuality. In the language of watchmakers, every Reine de Naples Cammea or Secret can be called a piece unique as no two examples will be exactly alike.

Replica Breguet Cameo carving is one of the world’s oldest art forms which historians can trace back to the 3rd century BC in Greece with carved stone pieces. The most acclaimed example of early Greek cameo carving from the 2nd century BC is the Tazza Farnese cup, the oldest surviving major cameo work. This exquisite sardonyx shell cup with its vivid color contrasts and three dimensional carved allegorical figures demonstrated the emotional power of carved relief images in white set upon a contrasting dark color background and came to define cameo expression for the more than two millennia which have ensued since its creation. Today, the sublime Tazza Farnese is housed in the Naples Archaelogical Museum. Over the centuries that have followed these early Greek efforts, in common with other art forms, the popularity of cameos waxed and waned. A tremendous surge in vogue, especially for shell cameos, occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria, whose fondness for them led her on occasion to wear more than one at a time. Adding to the fashion wave was Catherine the Great who likewise favored them. Along with the upswing in demand propelled by eager buyers in Victorian England came the flourishing of cameo artists working at the feet of Mount Vesuvius in the village of Torre del Greco. It was here that cameo carving of sea shells, as opposed to other carving materials such as glass or gemstones, found its natural home. And it is in Torre del Greco that, today, Fake Breguet found a team, father and son, for the crafting of the cameo elements for its timepieces.


Although both historically and currently many different varieties of sea shells have been and are used for cameos, the finest works are carved using the sardonyx shell. Of course, all of Breguet’s cameos are realized in sardonyx. Sometimes colloquially referred to as “Helmet Snails” or “Emperor Queen Helmet Snails”, the scientific name for the sardonyx is “Cassis Madagascariensis”. The official name is hugely misleading because these mollusks are most commonly found not near Madagascar as the name would suggest but in the Western Atlantic. They are prized not only for their large size but for the striking color contrast naturally found in the shell. Although the outer layers of the sardonyx shell are milky white, as the artist carves down, darkly colored layers emerge. This double contrast, both in color and in depth, allows for the creation of white figures in relief lying above a dark background, the classic style roots of a the Tazza Farnese.

Replica breguet watches

The art of cameo is deeply layered into the very fabric of life in Torre del Greco, its veins and traditions spanning generations within families. Replica Breguet’s cameos are crafted by a father and son team, Pasquale and his son, Fabio. Pasquale acquired his craft from the Grand Master of Cameo Giuseppe Scialanga (1889–1960), his initiation coming at the age of but seven years when he began his apprenticeship. Fabio enrichened his training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Prior to their engagement by Breguet, Pasquale and Fabio were renowned for their shell cameos depicting Botticelli’s legendary Three Graces in Primavera (the original painting displayed in the Uffizi) and a variety of Biblical scenes and traditional images of Neapolitan saints.


The studio is tucked into a small apartment, bathed in natural light, and lying just south of Mount Vesuvius. Here since the beginning of their collaboration with Replica Breguet, Fabio has been working exclusively on the dials and roses for the Reine de Naples; his father dividing his time between Replica Breguet and other cameos. Historically, many of the shell cameos were carved upon shells brought into the port by Naples fisherman. That tradition no longer endures as shells of far higher quality, and certainly sardonyx, are purchased abroad by merchants who sell them to the artists in lots of 50–100 shells. These shells are completely natural and untreated. They arrive after a drying process which places the shells upon bamboo canes, leaving them in the open air for 12–18 months.

Cameos begin with a careful inspection and selection of the shells. Father and son meticulously scrutinize the best shells searching for the most miniscule signs of cracks or flaws, retaining only those shells deemed to be perfect. Once that sorting has been completed and a shell chosen, they must identify the areas on the shell suitable for a dial, in the case of the Cammea, or a rose, in the case of the Secret. At most a single shell may yield two dials or two to three roses. The shapes for a dial or a rose are marked in pencil upon the interior of the shell and, once satisfied with the choice, cut from the shell with a fine saw. Following the cutting, the edges are delicately smoothed and rounded. Several steps remain before the carving can begin. Mixing a solution of wax and pitch, the cut shell is mounted upon a wooden stick. Next the outer surface is leveled. Not only does this provide a flat surface, essential for a watch dial, but it removes the rough outer portion of the shell revealing the milky white layer that will become the image. Finally, they have their canvas and can begin the carving.


Fabio and Pasquale start by sketching the motif with pencil. The Cammea design is of a sunflower, with the hands nestled into a recess which is at the center of the flower. That, too, would be sketched upon the surface in the same way. Working with a form of awl, known as a bulino (originally invented by an Italian artist), they begin the process of scraping the surface. Large outlines at first, and then, with ever finer tipped tools, the details of the flower are delicately carved into the surface. The background colors emerge as the artists dig deeper into the layers of the shell. Most importantly, all of the colors are naturally present in the shell; nothing is painted upon it or added to it. The revealed color of every shell is unique in tone, opacity and depth within the shell. When this diversity of color is combined with the subtle variations in the flower motif that come from hand sketching followed by hand carving, it can truly be said that each cameo stands apart from all others.

It should be remembered that the cameo for the Reine de Naples Cammea is the dial of the watch. Thus, this miniature tableau must marry their artistic virtuosity and the strict demands for fitting to a watch’s movement, hands and case. When the cameo carving is completed, several flat spots on the back are located and a base, for precise fixing to the movement, is glued into place.

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The Reine de Naples Cammea is housed in a white gold case set with 40 diamonds (weighing 2.42 carats) around the bezel. The cameo rose of the Secret is fixed onto a hinged case cover, that, in its closed position, hides the dial from view, with the diamond set bezel appearing as a bow tied around the rose. Swinging the rose cover to the side on its hinge, reveals the secret, an invisible set diamond dial with a mother-of-pearl oval inscribed with the Breguet logo. The Secret is available in both rose gold and white gold, with either a leather strap or a woven gold bracelet. Both the Cammea and Secret are fitted with self-winding movements.

In addition, the cameo rose occupies a prominent place in Breguet’s Jewelry and Fine Jewelry collections as it adorns, depending upon the collection, earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces in a variety of sizes and in different combinations of gold and pearls.

The Reine de Naples Cammea and Secret de la Reine stand alone in the world of fine watchmaking as the only timepieces offering the art of cameo. Not only are they unique for their uniting of a traditional craft with haute horlogerie, but each example asserts its individuality in its colors and design.

The Replica Panerai Luminor Due Reviews

It’s all too easy to forget, amidst the current market sentiments, that the watch industry has experienced a number of years of tremendous growth. This unprecedented expansion has driven brands to widen their portfolios, showcasing their creative and technical know-how.
Some though, such as Replica Panerai, have taken a much longer term approach, and while they were producing new men watches as well, they tended to focus on their core collections, the argument being that luxury timepieces need to stand the test of time, and that a fake watch that was presented a few years ago is still just as desirable as the one unveiled last week. So when Replica Panerai decides to veer ever so slightly from this approach, it’s bound to catch our attention.
Over the years, Replica Panerai has built its foundations on two main pillars, the Radiomir and the Luminor collections. While the first has its core followers, who appreciate the slightly less voluminous proportions, the Luminor is, arguably, the one that watch connoisseurs far and wide would immediately identify with the brand.
The Luminor’s crown guard, in particular, is such a distinctive characteristic that it has been used as the door handle for the The Luminor’s crown guard, in particular, is such a distinctive characteristic that it has been used as the door handle for the maison’s boutiques. However, the Luminor, in any of its existing case sizes, has always been a sportier, thicker design, one that does not easily lend itself to more formal wear.

Replica panerai pam675

The Luminor’s crown guard, in particular, is such a distinctive characteristic that it has been used as the door handle for the maison’s boutiques. However, the Luminor, in any of its existing case sizes, has always been a sportier, thicker design, one that does not easily lend itself to more formal wear, or The Luminor’s crown guard, in particular, is such a distinctive characteristic that it has been used as the door handle for the maison’s boutiques.
However, the Luminor, in any of its existing case sizes, has always been a sportier, thicker design, one that does not easily lend itself to more formal wear, or The Luminor’s crown guard, in particular, is such a distinctive characteristic that it has been used as the door handle for the maison’s boutiques. However, the Luminor, in any of its existing case sizes, has always been a sportier, thicker design, one that does not easily lend itself to more formal wear, or simply to slender wrists. Replica Panerai has now addressed this with the addition of the Luminor Due collection.

Fake panerai pam675

At first glance, the Luminor’s distinctive characteristics are all present: the cushion shaped case with a round bezel, prominent lugs, and, most importantly, the iconic crown guard. Take a look from the side though, and the Replica Luminor Due’s case shows you an almost svelte profile, certainly when compared with its Luminor siblings.
It’s not until you put it on the wrist, particularly if you’re familiar with the “regular” Luminor watches, that you truly appreciate the Luminor Due’s design and appeal as a more elegant, almost stealthy Panerai. It disappears easily under your cuff, although the crown guard is almost always visible and an easily identifiable clue as to which watch you’re wearing.
There are two sizes on offer, one with a 45mm case and the automatic P.4000/10 caliber, the other with a 42mm case and the manual winding P.1000/10 caliber. Both are presented in either stainless steel with a black sun-brushed dial, or in 18K red gold with an anthracite sun-brushed dial. The red gold watches also see their movements semi-skeletonized, and the small seconds sub dial sunken rather than flush with the main dial.
The fact that the Luminor Due is easily identified as a Replica Panerai, even if you don’t see the name on the dial, speaks well of the design cues that the maison has maintained in the new collection. As befitting the Replica Panerai tradition, this does not, in any way, replace an existing watch in the collection; on the contrary, it serves to widen the occasions in which a Replica Panerai is likely to be chosen for the day, and perhaps it will also add to the ranks of the ever passionate Paneristi collector’s community.

Chopard L.U.C Perpetual Chrono Replica Watches

The new L.U.C Perpetual Chrono by Chopard Replica watch interprets the exclusivity of platinum combined with a hand-wound chronograph and a finely crafted perpetual calendar.

After a limited series in Fairmined gold launched in 2016, the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono appears in platinum this year. 950 platinum is a noble and completely stable metal featuring a dark and neutral shade of grey. The 45 mm case crafted from this rare material is vertically satin-brushed on the sides and polished on the bezel as well as the lugs.
The dial is in solid gold, adorned with a hand-guilloché motif. A high-precision galvanic treatment endows it with its deep blue shade, the colour chosen by Chopard for its platinum limited series.

 Replica Chopard watch

The choice of noble materials extends right the way through to L.U.C calibre 03.10-L, which is made of nickel silver, a naturally light grey alloy that ideally lends itself to surface treatment but cannot tolerate scratches. Nickel silver is harder than brass, more resistant to oxidation and acquires a natural patina.

Entirely developed and produced in the Replica Chopard Haute Horlogerie workshops, L.U.C calibre 03.10-L is built around a column wheel that controls all chronograph operations including the flyback function. Zero-resetting is done by means of progressive-contact hammers, a guarantee of precision. It ensures smooth yet firm activation of the timing-related components via a vertical coupling clutch. This was the exceptional base mechanism chosen to house the perpetual calendar of the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono.

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This calendar is recognisable by its large twin-aperture date display, complemented by indications of the day, the month and the cycle of standard and leap years. The finishing touches are set by a day/night indication and an orbital moon-phase display, with a mere one-day deviation in 122 years. Since the original configuration of this calendar uses the same areas as the chronograph – both involving indications at 3 and 9 o’clock – the architecture of the perpetual calendar had to be adjusted to offset the day/night indicator by a few millimetres. This arrangement determined the specific layout of the dial and its counters, while optimising its legibility.

The L.U.C Perpetual Chrono has earned double certification : the rating precision of its L.U.C Calibre 03.10-L has been certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) while each of these platinum watches – meaning both movements and cases – has successfully met the evaluation criteria of the Poinçon de Genève.

3 Classic Aviation Replica Watches Reviews

Replica Pilot watches have been around almost as long as planes have been flying. Early replica pilot watches offered slide rules and methods for calculating such important information as fuel consumption, distances and speed. Today’s aviation watches continue to offer similar useful data, as well as other pertinent functions, including world time, GMT and chronograph modes.

Interestingly enough, though, many of today’s finest designs harken back to yesteryear styles. Vintage looks combined with mechanical precision and extra features make for a very strong aviation watch. Here are three of our favourites:

Replica longines the lindbergh hour angle watch 90th anniversary

Replica Longines Hour Angle 90th Anniversary Watch

Replica Longines has a lot to celebrate in aviation this year, as 2017 marks the 90th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s historic non-stop flight across the Atlantic—flying in the famed Spirit of St. Louis plane in 1927.

During that flight, which Replica Longines timed, Lindbergh wore a Replica Longines watch and at the end of the flight, he approached Longines with a design for a new watch for pilots. That watch became the Lindbergh Hour Angle watch, first released to the world in 1931, and the brand has produced it on and off over the decades. The watch was unique because of its rotating bezel that allowed for calculations of longitude.

This year, to celebrate, Replica Longines unveils the Longines Hour Angle 90th anniversary watch, with just 90 pieces being made. The new watch marks the first time an Hour Angle watch is being offered in titanium.

Replica alpina startimer pilot automatic

Replica Zenith Pilot Extra Special Chronograph

At Baselworld, Zenith unveiled new aviation timepieces in its Heritage Collection. Easily top among them is the Pilot Extra Special Chronograph with a bold bronze case. The watch features a ratcheted easy-to-adjust crown and pushers, as well as large luminescent numerals that are actually made from blocks of white (with green emission) Super-LumiNova SLN C1.

The Pilot Extra Special Chronograph features a sandblasted black dial and is finished with a khaki green nubuck leather strap. The 45mm bronze case will garner its own patina over time as it touches the skin and makes contact with the air and other elements. The watch features a railway minute track and offers two chronograph counters on the dial.

replica zenith heritage pilot extra special chronograph

Replica Alpina Startimer Pilot Automati

Replica Alpina has also added to its Startimer Pilot collection this year with four new watches that offer new dials and case options. The 44mm Startimer Pilot Automatic is offered in steel with a gray dial, in steel with a matte blue or white dial and in rose-gold plated steel with a matte white dial.

The watches feature an oversized crown for easy use, and the dial offers minutes via an outer track and the brand’s signature red triangle-tipped hand. The watch is powered by the automatic caliber AL-525 movement, based on a Sellita SW200. It offers 38 hours of power reserve and is being offered at a highly affordable price.


It may be a bit harder than it sounds. While some came to the forum with a specific watch in mind, many new comers (myself included) wants to know whats the most authentic / close-to-gen rep is. Thus the joke “who has the best sub?” on your status. I will begin by answering that question.

Rolex Submariners
The best Non-Ceramic submariner by consensus is the TC sub. Thomas Caddell is a submariner enthusiast who source his parts from all over the world in pursuit to make the best rep. His reps are however, a bit more expensive than others. Just google TC sub and you can find his blog and contact info. The current closest to gen Ceramic submariner is a debate between noob V5 and JF 116610. To be fair, neither has gotten the bezel right so far. For more information, here’s a link:
It is fairly dated and doesn’t include newer information on the noob v5 or JF. Noob v5 has shallower bezel engravings but better paint job while the JFs are the newest additions to submariners with better dial, SS bracelet, and deeper engravings like gen. The paint however, is wayyyy off. A DIY repaint on the bezel isn’t too hard, but you’ll need to research into that for further information. (use the search function to your top right)

rolex replcia watches

Panerais are probably the 2nd most popular reps people seek. There are way too many super reps to list. A general advice is to go for a closed-back if you don’t want to research into the best display-back. Some good closed-back starters are PAM 005, 029/29m, 292, 380. For a very thorough guide that will take a whole day to finish reading:…earch-Identification-Evaluation-amp-Selection

Audemars Piguet
APs are easily one of the most popular reps, and may perhaps be even more popular than Panerais. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about them until I owned my first, and then it became an addiction. There’s something about the intricate craftsmanship and playfulness of APs that made them my #1 watch. They’re never dull. After owning more than a few reps, I can truly say, some watches look better on the shelve, APs look better on the wrist. There are three main categories when it comes to APs, Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore (ROO), and Royal Oak Offshore divers. APs just keep piling on their names, it’s not uncommon to find an AP watch with a 10-words name. If you’re very anal about precision and likeness to gen, avoid display backs. While Jf and noob both have pretty decent decoration plates nowadays, there are still flaws. Research into what those flaws are, or PM me for more details. The current best versions are made by JF with very close competition by noob. Some good closed back options include ROO Bumble Bee, Volcano, and Panda. The SS ROO Diver and Ceramic ROO Divers are also very well made. However with divers, the genuine 3120 has a low beat 21,600 vph as opposed to the 28,800 movements used by reps. That translates to 6 ticks/ second vs 8 ticks/ second. I have a very good eye for sweeping movements and so it bothers me, but not everyone can tell.

Other Close-to-Gen Reps
Other very well made reps that are very close to gen include but not exclusive to: ZF Tudor Black Bay, V6F Tudor Pelagos, MKF IWC Mark XVII black dial, V6F IWC Pilot Chronograph Black Dial & Le Petit Prince Edition, V6F Cartier Ballon Bleu, Noob Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, Noob Jaeger Le-Coultre Master Compressor Diver. There are more to the list but alot of them are subject to individual opinions. For example the ZF Tudor Pelagos is said to be better craftsmanship than the V6F, but it has the wrong bezel numeral spacing. Various factories are still competing to make the best XVII petit prince etc. Most of the times, the watches will look 95% like gen, with small flaws that most people won’t notice unless they’re comparing them side-by-side or knows the watch very well. Sometimes a watch will have a great dial, bezel and over-all feel, but with a wrong movement in the display back. However no one is going to strip your watch from your wrist and compare it to theirs or google pics unless you voluntarily walk into an AD to get it checked out. So just wear with confidence, and ignore the little flaws that no one’s ever going to notice.

Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona looks well with leather

Chronograph sub-dials will be in the conventional Daytona locations – 30 minutes counter at three o’clock, running seconds at six o’clock, and 12 hour counter at nine o’clock with chrono seconds is the large sweep second hands. Due to quite recent technology introduced while using 4130, this wrist watch features a power reserve of roughly 72 hrs. You’ll be able to get forced out home for your weekend (why are you able to?) and it’ll be running when using it Monday morning.

The Replica Daytona is housed inside an Oyster situation. Meaning a Triplock screw-lower crown, screw-lower pushers, plus a screw-lower situation back. The is azure, as well as the whole works is water-resistant against 100 meters or 330 foot. Not very you’d dive while using Everose Daytona, however, you can.

The bracelet into consideration is, clearly, Rolex’s Oyster. It’s closed via their folding Oysterlock safety clasp featuring the Easylink comfort extension link. It enables a 5mm comfort extension for people hot days. If it’s the strap you’re after, you’re speaking black alligator with Everose finish links plus a latest generation Oysterlock clasp, in Everose clearly, released this season. The black strap looks great, nevertheless the Everose Daytona would really pop getting a chocolate brown strap.

The leather is a good with the rose gold Daytona.

Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona looks well with leather.

As well as, the bezel having its engraved tachymetric scale is what identifies a Daytona just like a Daytona. Whether in Everose gold or Cerachrom, this wrist watch is unmistakable, even in the distance.

Beside Everose, the Cosmograph Daytona will be steel, steel and gold, white-colored-colored gold, gold, in addition to platinum. However think you’ll agree the Daytona in Everose could be the Daytona at its most exotic.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Watch

How’s that for the very best Panerai replica I’ve purchased, for this reason I incorporated it within this list. It replicates everything you’ll find with an original. The dial looks good and it has an ivory color with luminous us dot hour markers. Both your hands possess a syringe shape. Om the dial you may also visit a tachymeter that accentuates the vintage feel. The seconds and minute hands are blue and also the hour hands is really a vintage yellow. Additionally, it has two register chronograph subdials. It’s a bulky watch having a vintage feel and, if you are a Panerai fan, that one should participate your collection.

This Tag Heuer is among my newest purchases, and that i don’t be sorry. For this, I could write among the best Tag Heuer replicas reviews read on my small replica review blog. The dial includes a minimalistic design, it’s black and it has indexes that mark the hrs. All around the detail, you can observe an in depth track for seconds and minutes which has numerals at each quarter. It’s a fairly simple dial which has the Tag Heuer and Carrera emblem, and the specific model is above 6 o’clock. The bracelet consists of polished stainless, and also the movement is Swiss automatic, and delay pills work flawlessly.

Cartier Replica

To summarize this Black Friday watches publish, I additionally desired to include here a ladies’ watch. It’s usually smart to offer them a wrist watch as a present, particularly if we’re speaking in regards to a Cartier. This one must be the greatest Cartier replica since it does not have any flaw whatsoever. The dial features the pattern similar to the authentic one and it has elongated black Roman numerals onto it, in addition to a minute track. Both your hands possess a slim shape, and also the blue azure cabochon looks good too. The movement about this Cartier is Swiss, so out of this perspective, this is actually the best you will get and also the nearest towards the original.

Replica Yachtmaster Rolex Watches Review

The Rolex Yacht-Master

Amazon rolex always deliver on style which indisputable macho feel and look, and because you will see within this replica Yachtmaster video review, this watch isn’t any exception for this rule. That which you notice first may be the contrast between your gold and black areas of the timepiece. They complement one another for the reason that you make another pop. The gold looks very golden and also the black looks very dark, somewhat like matte. The only real probable distinction between within this Rolex Yachtmaster replica versus real review may be the functionality from the bezel. Within the original, it doesn’t operate individually from the internal mechanism as always but really serves the purpose that is like a countdown device. What this means is the bezel generally is a chronograph without having to be so apparent. That’s very elegant and various.

Replica Yachtmaster Rolex Watch Review

Unlike other Rolex Yachtmaster Everose replica watch video reviews, I will highlight why this watch is actually special and something of my top picks. You will not even have the ability to tell that this can be a review for any fake Rolex Yachtmaster Everose watch.

The Breitling Replica Avenger Seawolf Review

Today we are carrying out a replica Avenger Seawolf review. Since you may have observed, if you’re a regular readers of my replica review blog, Breitling watches are among my top picks due to how large they’re and just how they complement my outfits and personality. However, this specific fake Breitling Avenger Seawolf review is all about a smaller sized watch compared to typical Breitling. It’s much more of a practical watch than a single to create a fashion statement with.

The Breitling Replica Avenger Seawolf  Review

This Breitling watch is really a reminiscent towards the G-shock that was the rave not long ago. It’s very outdoorsy which is designed for endurance and created to last. So without further ado, let’s continue this fake Breitling Avenger Seawolf review.

Replica Breitling Avenger Seawolf watch front view

To start this replica watch Breitling Super Avenger video review, let’s discuss just how this watch looks. The timepiece is well-crafted so you won’t even have the ability to tell it is among the fake Breitling watches in the marketplace. Timepieces within this replica Avenger Seawolf video review is black and also the only variations within the versions it’s available in have been in the various colors from the numerals underneath the bezel or even the colors from the needles within the chronographs. The hour, minute and 2nd hands will always be white-colored. The bezel is ion plated and it has minute marks for each quarter of the hour times. The dial from the watch is 57mm by 49mm using the Breitling emblem featuring conspicuously just beneath the 12-hour mark.